Reflection by Pat

Hi, I’m Pat Maigler, a friend of Ben’s from Rice and San Diego.

•I am not a runner, mountaineer, economist, or grad student…so, Ben’s and my interests may not seem to overlap very much, but we shared a common passion for and interest in many of the same ideas and subjects, such as religion, politics, the nature of reality, and optimizing decision making.

•I met Ben at Rice University in August of ‘98 and we bonded by playing intramural football and working together at Cohen House, Rice’s faculty dining hall

•I gained some insight into Ben’s intellect during a student-led class called, “Genius and Non-Linear Thinking”, but it wasn’t until Ben came to San Diego for his PhD that we really became close.

•Ben invited (or in some cases, recruited) Melissa, me and many other newly-found friends on hikes around San Diego County, California camping trips, live music shows, themed discussion-meals, and many other great experiences for which we are eternally grateful.

•Melissa and I really enjoyed Ben’s company and cherish the times we had with him, even though we couldn’t keep up with him on the weekends. :)


•I am very thankful for…The Past…every event, person, and circumstance all that helped make Ben who he was and gave us the opportunity to experience his presence…

oThis includes all of Lithuania, the Horne Family Tree, Ben’s immediate family, his Teachers, Coaches, Clergy, Friends, Teammates, and everyone else who knew and loved him

•I am also thankful for…Now…today, this moment: thanks to everyone present here to celebrate Ben’s life and everyone who cannot be here, who also carry Ben’s legacy in their heart

•In addition, I am thankful for The Future…full of hope and possibilities, as Ben would expect

oAlways looking up and forward, expecting to pick-up oneself after falling, and planning to help others along the way; continuously nurturing and exploring both our individual and collective potentials

•Finally, I would also like to say, “Thank you Ben” for you boundless mind, heart and spirit; and on a personal note, for accepting me and letting me into your light; essentially…for Loving me and letting me Love you


About ZoomLoco ( [Ben’s words]

1.“I grew up in the Appalachians, then lived for spells in the Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan) and the Rockies.

•I love mountains and most everything about them.

•Now I live by the sea in La Jolla, California, with the mighty Sierra Nevada very close by.

•My favorite place is Joshua Tree…

2.“I love sports, especially running, rock climbing and mountaineering.

•I enjoy them for their own sake, and I also use them to better understand myself, humanity and the world.

•In all of these things, I like to go big, push myself, and do hard things where I might fail–without a chance of failure, a success is not as sweet…

3.“My worldview is that of subsidiarity; my politics are libertarian paternalism.

Subsidiarity: “the idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level” (Wikipedia)

Libertarian Paternalism: “allowing people choices, but influencing them in a good direction.” (Ben)

•“basic idea is that private and public institutions might nudge people in directions that will make their lives go better, without eliminating freedom of choice. The paternalism consists in the nudge; the libertarianism consists in the insistence on freedom, and on imposing little or no cost on those who seek to go their own way.” (University of Chicago Law School)

4.“My favorite place to sleep is on an overnight train, or out in the open air in nature.

5.“My heroes are Tank Man, Tolstoy and Jesus Christ.

•I do believe that a better world is coming.

•My goal is to be the most complete person I can be.

•Full stop.”

Quotes that Inspire ( [again, per Ben]

6.Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”  - Goethe

7.You are the music while the music lasts... Steal the rhythm while you can. (from Emails, blogs)

8.“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”  - Nelson Henderson

9.“You can measure your heart rate, but you can’t measure heart.” Ben Horne

Other Quotes

10.…Pushing myself hard in the most tranquil of settings, the mountains, is amongst my greatest joys.” (

11.From Ben’s Blog post about his close friend, Tim Ray’s untimely passing, last year: “Dreaming is strange. You think it's reality, but it's not. Last night I had a bad dream about being stressed and lost in an airport and couldn't make things better. It was stressful, but ended abruptly when I quickly woke up and realized those problems I was having were not real. It occurred to me that death might be like that -- suddenly exiting from the trivial things we sometimes think are so important.” (


If we think of life as a combination of internal experience and external impact, Ben lived a very positive and full life, both in terms of his personal experience and how he touched us all

Key take-away messages


2.Nurture, encourage, coach, lead

3.Question, think, seek new ideas and information

4.Be humble, learn from those who came before you and those who have exceled, but still question and find your own beautiful path

5.Risk responsibly

6.Love life, cherish and embrace it (all of it, each and every day);

7.Live with passion and gratitude


Some of you may have read this on Facebook, but it is quick, so I wanted to repeat it here. 

This is my rawest response to Ben’s passing, so it is probably closest to my truth…



Student of Life
Truth Seeker
Faithful Believer
Engaging Teacher
Global Citizen

Music Lover
Nature Guide
Sunset Appreciator
Rose "Smeller"

A Vessel of Experience
A Catalyst for Change
A Brilliant Flash in the Pan

Soaring Eagle
Streaking Comet

Friend and Confidant
Grandson, Son, Brother, Brother-in-Law, Uncle

love, Love, LOVE!!!


A few of my favorite things about Ben [not to be read aloud, just to reflect on]…

His big pants with patches; Home-made t-shirts; Wikipedia lover

Willingness to speak frankly and openly; Self-Examination, Evaluation, Testing, Proving, Self-Awareness


Given at Ben’s Memorial Service on August 14, 2012: