Reflections from places Ben has been, worked, and studied
World Bank Reflections: from colleagues there
CNA Reflections: from colleagues there
Peace Corps Reflections: from colleagues there
Mar-Lu-Ridge Reflections: from fellow counselors
Thomas Jefferson High School: from classmates
reflection from Lithuania: My memories of Ben
reflections and groupcard from San Diego: from friends there

Blogs about Ben
blog by Anne Chmilewski: Seek truth, love others: Nothing else matters “you can’t measure heart” - ben horne 
blog post by Ryann Ferguson: Living with the Force and Joy of Ben Horne
blog post by Paul Jesse: 8,000 Meter Challenge - More than a Day of Trails, In Honor of the Adventurous Spirit of Our Friend Ben Horne
blog post by Olivia Allison: Reflections on Ben
blog post by Kristy Buzard: In Memoriam
blog post by Aaron Day: Ben Horne
blog post by Andrea Mayrose: In Memory of Ben Jammin
blog post by Garret Christensen: Run Free, Zoom Loco 
blog post by Eric Horne: Maintain the Light, Prepare the Way

News articles about Ben
UCSD health system articles: on fixing Ben’s shattered elbow and on Ben’s accomplishments after the surgery
LaJolla News article: California’s High Sierras take you closer to God

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KTRU support letter from Ben