Three Rice University events on Oct. 13, 2012: the invitations with post-event material

1. Maintain the Light - A Public Event During the Rice University Centennial Celebration, Houston, Texas, Sat, Oct 13 at 11:45 am

Please join us in Hindman Garden adjacent to the Rice Memorial Center (RMC) for reflections followed by an open mic. Bring your tributes, stories, and remembrances as we gather to celebrate and honor the life of Ben Horne.

Lizzie Taishoff Sweigart moderated the proceedings and many people gave reflections on Ben at this event, including:

John Hutchinson

Liora Danan (click here for reflection)

Adam Larson (click here for reflection)

Josh Katz (click here for reflection)

Iris Hurtago Wingrove (click here for reflection)

Saheel Sutaria (click here for reflection)

Josh Hale (click here for closing prayer)

Lizzie Taishoff Sweigart (click here for closing comments)

Johnny So (see KTRU dedication below)

Other people who knew Ben from Rice also sent reflections:

Kristin Stecher Doshi (click here for reflection)

Eric Lee (click here for reflection)

Lisa Gillum Finlay (click here for reflection)

Juliana Fisher (click here for reflection)

Meredith Williams (click here for reflection)

2. A dedication ceremony for KTRU’s Ben Horne Memorial Studio will take place October 13 at Rice’s Ley Student Center following the 11:45 a.m. “Maintain the Light” event.

Johnny So talked about Ben and KTRU (click here for his words)

And here are some photos taken at the KTRU studio:

Message from Sarah Pitre:

Ben, you were truly one of a kind. From our days of doing the Sarah & Ben show on KTRU to the nights we spent at shows (I can never decide which one was the best. Fugazi? KRS-One?), you were a constant spark that illuminated my time at Rice. Here's a picture from the day we got KTRU back on the air. It's how I will remember you best: determined, electric, jubilant.

3. The studio dedication will be followed by a Memorial Mass for Ben at 2 p.m. October 13 at the Rice University and Texas Medical Center Catholic Student Center chapel at 1714 Rice Blvd.

Thanks to Sister Kitty Carter for organizing the Mass and to the following members of the body of Christ.

Celebrant: Father Michael Grey

Eucharistic Minister: Patricia Donisi

Music: John Cliver

Lector: Adam Larson

Order of Service

Opening Hymn:  Gather Us In

Reading: I John 4:13-21

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 105

Gospel: John 14:1-6

Homily (see below): The Holy Spirit through Father Mike  

Communion Hymn: Eye Has Not Seen

Closing Hymn: Blest are They

There have been so many points of prayer and remembrance for Ben Horne over these past months... I have heard family and friends have been able to spend time in prayer and communion with so many who were touched by Ben.  I am sure these moments and memories have all ben so uplifting and supportive.

We are thankful to Sr. Kitty and the Catholic Student Center for opening up the Center for this Memorial Mass.  Thanks also to friends of Ben from so many years, who have worked hard in order to gather us all together here today.  Ben’s post high-school Catholic faith matured and developed within the community of faith that is centered here.  in the process, he definitely shared his faith in Jesus in both word, deed, and love.

Today let’s ask that our prayers be joined with that of those who gathered for his Mass of Christian Burial back in Virginia, at the Memorial Mass in SanDiego, as well as earlier today in the prayer garden on this campus.  We pray for our friend and we know that Ben dwells and abides in the loving embrace of our Gracious God.

I would like to share a few reflections on the readings, recalling that they have been specially chosen.

    The first reading from 1 John chapter 4 speaks to the power of Faith Over Fear, which was a guiding credo, theme, for Ben.

    The first letter of John was written to a community experiencing tremendous persecution... fear could have easily lead them to retreat or to even abandon all, before the adversity at hand.  The inspired author reminds them of the need to Know, deeply, that Love comes from GodJesus shows us the Love of God - it is an unselfish love which he lived, unto death!

    The inspired author teaches the community that when the love of God in Jesus is experienced and lived, No Fear Can Remain.

The Gospel passage is from John chapter 14, the Farewell Discourse.

    Jesus consoles his disciples with the reminder that He will not forget them after his departure!  He will provide a dwelling for them in his Father’s House.

    “To dwell with,” “to abide in” ... John’s Gospel uses the terms “to dwell with & abide with” to refer to the experience of the intimate union of love of Jesus and his Father... Jesus invites all to participate in this intimate love by allowing Him to lead us... it begins in uniting our prayer with His.

    And how do we experience this love? Well, we must listen, abide with him, because as we are reminded in the Gospel, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! The way of Jesus, we believe, is shown preeminently in his passion, suffering and death.  Again, we are speaking of the way of unselfish love.

    The path of happiness, friendship, love in God, is found in letting Jesus lead you.

I have seen online about the card that Ben received from his grandmother, some months before her passing away.  On the card was a picture of a lighthouse and the phrase, MAINTAIN THE LIGHT. I have seen the beautiful website that has been developed for us to read - indeed, it is a good opportunity for me to catch up with all that he has done in the years since I last saw him here at Rice.  Many memories and stories have been told.  Here in this place, Ben found a place and a community where he could grow and mature in his faith just as he engaged and participated in all of the challenges of the Rice experience... both in and out of the classroom.  All of us have memories of the vitality of his faith and his willingness to share his gifts to build community, to reach out and to serve.  I invite all to a short time of personal prayer and then let us offer our intentions.