Closing by Lizzie Taishoff Sweigart

Hello. I'm Lizzie Sweigart, formerly Taishoff, a member of the Team Wiess class of 2001. In planning this gathering, I was very aware of the ending. I thought a lot about how we should conclude the memorial. It was important to me that we honor Ben not only in the beginning and in the middle, but that we also get the closing right. With that in mind, it seemed only appropriate to give Ben the last word. During her reflection, Liora spoke about memory and preserving moments. Another person we shared our Rice experience with felt the same way. Like Ben, Dr. Bill also departed this life too soon. And, like Ben, Dr. Bill is interwoven with many of our Rice experiences. With his trusty camera and recording equipment, he preserved so many events and candid moments -- many of which I didn't necessarily appreciate at the time. Now, I am grateful for these small treasures.

What we will now play for you is a recording Dr. Bill made of Ben's performance -- the self-styled Vanilla Rice -- in April 1999, at Wiess JamFest in the Acabowl. As a freshman, Ben was asked by senior upperclassmen to perform a cover of Tone Loc's 1989 hit "Funky Cold Medina" with their band Riot Nrrrd. Ben, in his signature way, held the mic upside-down in one hand and his crumpled lyric sheet in the other. It was pure Ben: bold, funny, fearless.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ben Horne.

(Lizzie plays the recording to end the proceedings)