Invitation to (and report on) Grand Canyon Run (Rim2Rim2Rim) in memory of Ben Horne

“Grand Canyon Run in memory of Ben Horne”

Saturday November 3, 2012

a Facebook Public Event by Dax Ross and Carlyn Peterson:

For those that want to do the full R2R2R, we'll stick with Ben's original plan of the South Kaibab trail. This option is 42 miles and 11k gain.

There is also the rim-river-rim option which is 16 miles and 5,000' gain.

As Ben had written in his original email, you can run or powerhike out there. The experience is what you want to make of it, it is not a race. I highly encourage you to just come out and give it your best shot.

If you are interested, just make sure to get in some training by running/powerhiking hills on trails. In the San Diego area we have Mission Trails, Torrey Pines, Black Mountain, Cuyamaca or even the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) if you want to get a little out of SD. Longer day hikes are also recommended. The PCT is great for those.


post-event message and pictures (with more to come):

R2R2R a success--much thanks to Tim Ray and Ben Horne. Congrats to all who ran today!

Some pictures from Erin Bredeson and Carlyn Peterson: