Maintain the Light

From Ben’s Blog on June 23, 2011:

“Last year for my birthday, Grandmom sent me a card with a photo of Denali on the front.  I climbed Denali for the first time 2 weeks after her death, still grieved.  The emotion definitely spurred me to press on. A few years before she sent me a card of a lighthouse with the words ‘Maintain the Light.’  I do believe death is a part of life, and that her light can shine on through us.”

Ben used the tagline “Maintain the Light” in

his emails from that point on and we are now

using it as the name of this memorial site.

The initial vision for this site is to capture

memories of Ben.


Why “Maintain the Light?”

From Ben’s Appalachian Trail Journal, 2000:

"Trying to impress memories of ourselves is pointless, we are soon forgotten. However the ways in which we affect peoples lives and the world around us can be lasting even if no one remembers our name. The goal of changing things for the better can be reached- the key is to inspire others, to affect other people in little ways, and they in turn will continue to pass it down. When we seek personal glory, we can achieve transient fame; if we seek to better the world we can contribute to lasting results. If we don't pass it on, it will fade as memories of us fade."

The second and more lasting vision for this site is to encourage those of us who remain here on earth to “maintain the light”  in our own lives as we seek to become the most complete persons we can be and better the world, supporting one another and allowing others to support us. Wow, that is a long vision sentence... maybe you could help us shape those words or provide examples of what maintaining the light means in your life?  In any case, please help us in this endeavor and send your ideas (by clicking on our names below) on how we might do that together.

Love Unconditionally,

Gary and Christine.