Eulogy by Liz

Dievas yra meile. I think it was 1999 when Ben, instantly cool to my friends because he was 10 years older, handed me a piece of white construction paper at summer camp. The Lithuanian Flag was scribbled on it. Yellow. Green. Red. Above the flag he wrote: “Surf Girl,” the nickname he always called me. Below the flag he wrote: “Dievas yra meile.” In Lithuanian it means God is Love.

You know that Ben made things simple. And he also believed the things he said, acting on them in an authentic way. So, coming from Ben, a short little three-word phrase wasn’t a cliché. With this piece of paper, he reminds me of my family’s Lithuanian past while telling me again the source and purpose of life. Ben was so good at remembering what was important. I think that’s because Ben led a life with extreme intention.



Given at Ben’s Funeral on August 7, 2012:

His deliberateness allowed him to maximize opportunities. I know Ben was a climber and a scholar, a runner and a philosopher, a traveler and a musician, but for me he was mostly just my biggest brother. Ben taught me: how to travel, how to write college essays, how to surf. But, he showed me more—he showed me how to invest in people. He showed me how to love.

Deivas yra meile. God is love, biggest brother. I know you believed that. You said “a better world is coming”, and I know that too. I am convinced Our Father, Love himself, has a firm purpose in keeping you with Him now and for all eternity. Through this mourning, let us remember that dievas yra meile.